• Every enterprise project is unique thus Sorinfa is delivering different software solutions from different vendors, dedicated to a client.

    Dina Fatkulbayanova, Technical Expert
  • Member of Satisco Group, we deliver unique experience of innovation and integration. We have built our expertise in multiple verticals such as banking, finance, asset management, logistics and retail, amongst others

    Alain Kunnen, CEO

Digital disruption

Digital transformation is changing the way the business is done. Adopting API economy strategy is helping the companies to become digital disruptors, accelerate innovation and deliver new innovative and enhanced customer experiences.

Who we are

Technology consulting company operating in Belgium since 1977. Sorinfa is specializing in API management from architecture design till integration delivery.

Our Mission

We are helping companies to define an unique approach and deliver better experiences by combining innovation and legacy.

Our Ecosystem

Strong international presence






million turnover



What We Do?

Sorinfa is offering consultancy and technical services
for API projects that bring value for business.

Api Design And Developement

Building customized APIs for any application and/or implementing API Management system.

Portfolio of Projects and Services

Inhouse developed solutions, products and prototypes ready for realization on the market.

Integration and legacy modernization

Realizing the innovative projects taking into account the complexity of the legacy systems.

Our Projects Portfolio

Payment Service Directive (PSD2)

PSD2 opens a lot of opportunities for API projects. Sorinfa is developing applications that will use PSD2 compliant APIs to have access to bank information

Blockchain/API projects for banking

Using Blockchain together with API can improve significantly the banking operations domain. Sorinfa is offering Blockchain prototypes for different bank use cases

Managed file transfer with APIs

Sorinfa can help to create APIs that automate processes for managed file transfer such as partners onboarding and giving access rights to files.

Account Aggregation with PSD2 APIs

Sorinfa can help customers with cash management and balance optimization. Using PSD2 bank API, we provide multi account application with automated transfer between the accounts

E-commerce APIs

Sorinfa developed a variety of reusable APIs to facilitate and improve the perfomance of e-commerce processes

Letter of credit

Sorinfa introducing a blockchain prototype for letter of credit. Thanks to Blockchain, all the documents are secured, tracable and trusted. Moreover, it will significantly accelerate and simplify the procedure of receiving and approving the letter of credit.

Resource library

Check our library with documentation latest technology updates!

Latest from our blog

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Meta-Banking project. Account aggregation and cryptocurrencies trade. BNPP International Hackathon

Posted In: Cash management and B2B

Cash management and balance optimization becomes a challenge for international companies. Sorinfa developed an application, that works with multicurrencies (including crypto- like bitcoins), at worlwide level. It also provides an automated cash transfer between the accounts based on predictive algorithm

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Blockchain prototype for easy adminstration. HackBelgium project

Posted In: Blockchain for government

Every time people face the need to do administration, they waste a lot of time in queues and getting frustrated. There should be an agile solution to make their life easier, that lead us to idea to create Docchain app.

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Sorinfa wins Belfius hackathon

Posted In: Legal Advice

PSD2 regulation opens a lot of opportunities for API projects, one of the example is prototyped developed by Sorinfa and Belfius for optimizing subcriptions.

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APIs that automate business processes in MFT tool.

Posted In: Banking

MFT tools interface often require a lot of clicks to onboard partners to exchange files. Sorinfa creates APIs that automate MFT business processing and provide management system for better monitoring

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